Marley Myles is a multidisciplinary artist working with ink, acrylics, hand embroidery and screen printing in a highly contemporary, Pop-Surrealist aesthetic.

Myles’ work is formed with simple lines and technique, composing a visual narrative dense with symbolism. Rich with colour, surreal motifs and inspired by folk-tales, the natural world and identity, Myles creates playful, vibrant paintings and works on paper.

Utilising emotive symbols to perpetuate social constructs of identity, Myles employs the powerful language that forms when these symbols are combined with traditional hand embroidery. Paying homage to the the Feminists and Riot Grrls before her, Myles draws on this rich history as a launching pad for her own work to inspire a new generation of social and political aware wild folk.

Myles’ work has been exhibited in Australia, the US and featured in online art blogs. She is currently working on a series of large and small-scale paintings and hand embroideries which explore the concept of home and the wild woman archetype.

You can find a range of hand screen printed, ethically made t-shirts, embroideries and more in her Etsy shop. 

For commissions, murals, design & illustration work, group exhibitions and projects. Inquires can be made via the contact page.

Myles currently resides in the misty mountains of sub-tropical Australia with her family who are all inspiring artists and musicians.

To see works in progress, info on upcoming exhibitions and events see Instagram page.